Early years

Per Christian Berg is a music producer, sound engineer and DJ from Norway. He took a great interest in music from an early age. He has been working with a variety of music since then. Playing several instruments, starting with guitar in his early teens, moving on to playing different instruments in the psychedelic rock band Wind and finding a love for improvisational music.

In his late teen years he discovered his love for electronic music moving from trip-hop to more psychedelic chill out, creating his project InnerVision, focusing on psychedelic electronic eastern influenced musical landscapes.

Later years

For the last years the focus is deeply in electronic music and the projects Christian Berg and Hydrous with a special love for techno and ambient and atmospheric and hypnotic landscapes, keeping his roots as a multi instrumentalist and love for improvisation reflected in his music. He plays synth and percussion in the band Den Kosmiske Overorden.

He also developed a passion for and works as a producer and sound engineer, studying music production at Noroff from 2015-2017. And started to work in Audioskop studio in late 2017.


In 2020 he released two albums under the name Christian Berg. Ikigai with the norwegian label Molt, a more techno focused release with its roots deeply planted in atmospheric landscapes. And later in 2020 the album Skogsro was released on the american record label Stereoscenic. With this release the focus is shifted to a more puristic ambient landscape deeply inspired by nordic nature.